We provide high quality garden care and garden consultation services at our bases in Edinburgh, Cambridge and Cheshire. Get in touch for a quote. 

Garden Consultancy


One of our specialisms is consultancy, we come in and give you advice about what work needs to be carried out, we give tips of how to make the garden look better and to be more maintenance friendly.

Garden Maintenance


We provide a high quality garden maintenance service. We appreciate the fact everyone has different needs, so we are very flexible and you will always find us happy to work with your requirements, why not contact us to book a site viewing. 

Garden Landscaping


From designing gardens to carrying out the ground work we do a range of garden landscaping... 

Advisory service; visiting the garden and suggesting improvements 


Garden design

Raised beds


Creating borders 

Soft landscaping



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Skilled one-off jobs 


Specialist pruning.

Hedge trimming 

Autumn tidying 

Pest and disease treatment

I am also fully qualified to do pesticide, fungicide and

weed-killer application

Lawn care

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